Aims and Scope

The journal publishes Original research articles, Review reports, Short communications, Case reports and editorials in the basic and applied fields of Veterinary Medicine including, but not limited to:

  • Veterinary physiology, histology, anatomy, embryology, biochemistry, and molecular biology.
  • Veterinary pathology, clinical pathology, parasitology, and forensic medicine.
  • Environmental toxicology, pharmacology, and clinical pharmacology.
  • Animal welfare, management, and hygiene, nutrition and clinical nutrition
  • Zoonoses, one health, and food health and safety.
  • Veterinary microbiology, nanotechnology, and immunology.
  • Animal medicine, infectious diseases, epidemiology, and disease dynamics.
  • Theriogenology, breeding, artificial insemination, and dairy science.
  • Veterinary surgery, anesthesiology, and diagnostic imaging.
  • Avian and rabbit diseases.
  • Wildlife diseases and management.
  • Aquatic animal diseases and aquaculture management.
  • Preventive veterinary medicine.
  • Veterinary education and economics.
  • History of veterinary medicine.

All manuscripts will undergo a rigorous review process and must comply with the journal’s editorial policies. The standards for acceptance include scientific quality, originality, clarity, and conciseness.